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Kid Rock

—  Who We Are —

We are a bunch of hard-working, fun loving, furniture geeks


We flip chairs. We study trends. We surf the web ‘til late hours in the night keeping up with the latest in office environments around the world. We listen. We learn. We share. We blend passion, knowledge, and creativity to deliver extraordinary results. We never say no. We turn small budgets into innovative spaces. But we love developing solutions for big budgets too. We are designers and craftsmen. We are meticulous and we are dreamers. We work hard and play hard. We love what we do, and it shows.

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What We Do

At AIREA we are devoted to developing environments that reflect today’s working culture, while planning and forecasting for future change. We embrace an Integrated Solution strategy that delivers complete, harmonized interior solutions to our customers. We are aligned with Haworth, as well as over 300 manufacturers and service providers to deliver the best, most cost competitive solutions the industry can offer.

—  Case Studies  —

AIREA X Compuware Detroit

Compuware Detroit Headquarters

Compuware is an ongoing reconfiguration project. As they transition from an 8x8 workstation to a smaller personal space, AIREA is rearranging each zone for a logical and well-designed overall plan. Creating smaller stations out of the existing product has afforded more room for large collaborative spaces. Many offices are making similar shifts to smaller individual workstations with more group-oriented areas.

Architect/Designer: VonStaden Architects

Product Lines: Haworth Race

SF:200,000 sf


Detroit Future City

DFC’s new office needed to serve various roles and functions, providing space for meetings, events, and presentations, as well as an everyday workplace for DFC employees. Hamilton-Anderson devised an architectural solution for the office, and AIREA provided the furniture to bring their vision to life. The nearly all-white walls of the space highlight reclaimed wood millwork and showcase the modern furniture pieces.

Architect/Designer: Hamilton-Anderson Associates

Product Lines: Haworth, Primeway custom benching

AIREA X GM Innovation Center

GM Innovation Xchange

GM desired a space that would accommodate two primary functions: small group collaboration and large group workspaces. IBI Group provided architecture and design services, and AIREA provided furniture solutions for the project. In the interest of flexibility and adaptability, movable furniture was used throughout an open plan. Modular lounge pieces contribute color and style for an entirely innovative and interactive space.

Architect/Designer: IBI Group

Product Lines:

SF:10,400 sf

AIREA X Continental Foods

Continental Services

When Continental Services relocated their headquarters to an office park in Troy, they took the opportunity to completely reinvent their space, using the architecture and design services of Rossetti. Through this project, the catering company’s newly purchased office building was transformed into an engaging hospitality experience. Test kitchens, event space, and an open office area are all visible to clients and visitors, making for an inviting and interactive facility.

Architect/Designer: Rossetti

Product Lines:

AIREA X Shinola

Shinola Headquarters

As manufacturers of quality handmade products, Shinola headquarters called for an interior that echoed the same level of meticulous craftsmanship. Shinola moved into the Taubman Building at the College for Creative Studies in 2012, introducing the first watch factory in Detroit. Like AIREA, Shinola is dedicated to the Detroit community and its regeneration, making this an especially meaningful project. AIREA worked with Kraemer Design Group and the Interior Design department at CCS to create an elite collaborative establishment featuring timeless furniture solutions aligned with Shinola’s functional and aesthetic standards. AIREA worked diligently, balancing character and cost to provide an innovative solution.

Architect/Designer: Kraemer Design Group + CCS Interiors Department

Product Lines: Haworth, Indiana Desk, Primeway

SF:30,000 sf

AIREA X Bartech

Bartech Headquarters

Progressive. Sustainable. Forward thinking. All were key factors in the design and completion of Bartech’s Southfield, Michigan headquarters. AIREA worked in conjunction with Compendium Design Group to develop a total solution for this global workforce management firm, blending several diverse furniture lines to create a cohesive design reflecting Bartech’s brand and culture. The design team balanced individuality and cost to develop a network of collaborative areas and private spaces supporting various job functions. The Bartech headquarters opened its doors in November 2012, and was joined by the remainder of their Michigan employees a year later.

Product Lines: Haworth, Global, Allermuir, Arcadia

SF:16,000 sf


Lear Headquarters

Lear Corporation’s dynamic new headquarters includes open office areas, conferencing spaces, and a showroom. Lear ditched the traditional cubicles in favor of a more inviting open office configuration. They wanted to maximize their space while still providing their employees with some leg room, so AIREA devised a new standard for the corporate and plant environments: workstations occupying a 6x6 footprint in lieu of the former 8x8. These smaller workstations support today’s work style by encouraging employees to make better use of collaborative space. The new furniture solutions come with a smaller kit of parts, allowing the internal facilities team to reconfigure quickly with as few parts as possible.

Product Lines: Haworth Unigroup II

SF:20,000 sf

AIREA X Quicken

Quicken Loans

Quicken’s offices are famous for their bold, high energy interiors and eccentric atmosphere. Employees’ desks are furnished with cardboard cutouts of their own faces, and razor scooters are a common method of travel through the halls. For this project, Quicken sought to develop new ways of working, and took particular interest in Haworth’s line of electric sit-to-stand tables. As a preferred Haworth dealer, AIREA was able to provide Quicken with accurate pricing information and precise lead times. Swift turnaround was a vital factor due to the company’s rapid growth, which compounded its already fast pace.

Architect/Designer: Rossetti, Quicken Standards

Product Lines: Haworth Planes tables

SF: sf

AIREA X Compuware Boston

Compuware Boston Headquarters

AIREA assisted CBT Architects in the completion of Compuware’s Waltham, Massachusetts office. Designed by CBT, the site includes two outdoor spaces and a large collaboration area and café. The network operating center (NOC) acts as a nucleus where Compuware monitors client websites across the globe. Consequently technology and work tools were key to this project, but the facility also includes lounge and recreation opportunities, such as outdoor terraces and a game room for employees.

Architect/Designer: CBT Architects

Product Lines:

SF:70,000 sf



AIREA STUDIO is a work-lounge open to the public, intended for anyone who wants to work away from their everyday work environment. It's also viewed as business development and product exposure incubator developed to connect [to] Detroit/Metro Detroit business through networking and collaboration. The 2500sf space offers 11 different work-zones, from a single person lounge to a 40 person conference space. For the ‘heads-down-flying-solo’ type to the ‘more brains are better than one’ types, the STUDIO is designed to accommodate the variety of work styles present in today’s workplace.

Product Lines: Haworth, Haworth Collection, Vitra, Allermuir, Molo lighting, Shaw Commercial Flooring, Detroit Wallpaper Co.

SF:2,500 sf


AIREA is a multidisciplinary group from all different walks of life. We work in customer focused teams comprised of individuals with diverse backgrounds and strengths that when combined make great things happen. From right brains, to left brains, to the combination of the two, we have the right personnel for whatever situation or project that arises.

Meet Our Team

Hire people with greatness in them and make their weaknesses irrelevant.


Let's Start Something Great

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Connect. Think. Share. Solve.

AIREA STUDIO is a forward thinking resource, work lounge, and event studio embedded in the heart of downtown. We promote knowledge sharing and problem solving through inspiration, dialogue, collaboration, and networking. It’s a place where designers, small businesses and corporate work-groups can connect, share, and evolve ideas.

We are passionate about design: the STUDIO is a constantly evolving space showcasing the latest in furniture, materials, technology, and design. At the end of the day, our goal is to serve as a catalyst in the development of projects across a multitude of disciplines throughout the City.

We exist to Connect.Think.Share.Solve.



  • Our continued growth has come from our commitment to various corporate, financial, technology, healthcare, educational and manufacturing clients. We are fortunate that the following have played a major role in both our history and future success: Bosch, Compuware, Lear Corporation, Beaumont Hospital, Flagstar Bank and Oakland County as well as many others.
  • Since 1996, AIREA has been a full-service, MMBDC-certified, Haworth Preferred dealership. Owned by former Detroit Piston, Vinnie Johnson, AIREA is built on a solid foundation of talent, leadership, and teamwork.

Alice Kristian

Interior Designer

Fabric swatches flying through the air, and tables rolling here and there—an outsider might find this scene distracting, but not Alice. No, Alice juggles the intricacies of Healthcare design with speed and expeditious flair. She is the lead designer of the healthcare team, and is deeply devoted and involved in every project. Her finely honed artistic acrobatics are not only directed towards her creative approach to design, but also her cultivation of a beautiful and active family life. Alice never misses her daughters’ athletic events, and she never drops the ball at work either.


Andrea Gesquiere

Account Executive

Andrea brings 5 years of Design and Marketing experience to AIREA. She is the pulse of our customer base, and makes her priority to stay current on product knowledge, new perspectives, value added ideas and client satisfaction. Having a dual degree in Architecture and Interior Design from Lawrence Technical University, and a MA in Creative Advertising from University Falmouth in the UK, Andrea had a broad knowledge base that makes her vital on all accounts.


Annette Popiel

Director of Business Development

Annette is Airea’s team cheerleader and coach, all wrapped into one. No matter what the day brings, you can count on Annette for a cheerful smile and a can-do attitude. Her clients and team members count on her expertise, experience, and motivation to get the job done.


Christine Kendall


For not being a ‘black and white’ girl, you wouldn’t expect Christine to be the “Controller,” handling numbers the way she can! With both Corporate and Public Accounting experience, Christine joined AIREA in early 2013. She is a financial wizard who loves the challenges of numbers and enjoys keeping AIREA’s figures in balance and order. Rarely will there be a day in the office without Christine in a cheerful color of fuchsia, coral or aqua, which makes her feel and look happy! Her job flexibility allows her to balance work and family, enabling this lifetime Michigander to take care of work while still making time for family movies, pool and beach fun, and reading a good book during off hours!


Dave Kiwior


Dave brings over 25 years of industry knowledge and leadership to AIREA . Dave leverages his extensive relationships with vendors, architects, designers and industry influencers to motivate & educate the AIREA Team. Driven by creating a “best of class” customer experience, Dave sets the bar high and drives the organization to exceed it. He is a graduate of THE Michigan State University, an Eagle Scout and an avid fisherman.


Erica Kimber, IIDA

Interior Designer

With an optimistic attitude toward life and a personality that belongs on the big screen, Erica is AIREA’s ‘design-y’ go-to. She has a willingness beyond the norm, and directs it towards everything she touches, from a simple reconfiguration to the design of a new space. She is always up for a challenge, and loves working with all the different teams at AIREA because she understands the value of versatility. Her vibrancy engages both clients and co-workers, and is a vital component to what AIREA represents: genuine connection.


Jane Buckner

Director of Customer Service

Jane has worked in the contract furniture industry for over 26 years. Along with her leadership role, organizational skills, and detail oriented style, her also works closely with vendors throughout the project to ensure completion from order entry through installation. Jane also has great experience with the order process, and has managed very large projects including Metro Detroit McNamara Airport, Crain Communications Headquarters and the new Lear Corporate Headquarters.


Jeff Luke

Project Manager

Jeff has over 25 years of experience as an installer and a project manager for the contract furniture industry. In this time, he has developed vast knowledge of furniture, installation, and warehousing that provides an extended service to all clients and projects. Hitting the road on his Harley is Jeff’s form of therapy – “Weekend road trips are the best; just pack the bags and go.”


Kathy Sullivan

Customer Service Representative

Kathy joined the Airea family over 5 years ago. She is always on top of her customer service game, due to much experience in the industry. Kathy is a master at blending the perfect combination of business and humor into her daily routine. Her trustworthy can-do attitude is refreshing to all she works with in and out of the Airea office. The level of service that Kathy provides to customers and her team serves as a role model for all.


Kristie Thomson

Operations Coordinator

Kristie has over 15 years of customer service experience in the contract furniture industry. Beyond her attention to detail and relentless positive attitude, Kristie is mainly responsible for working with our operations department. She assists with all receiving and repair service requests from our customers, and has great product knowledge of parts from a wide variety of manufactures. Kristie is a family person; she likes to spend time outdoors, and enjoys cheering for her two children at their sporting events.


Mary Ann Stratton

Account Executive

As the saying goes, ‘the hospital never sleeps.’ Mary Ann manages the Healthcare team with flawless surgical precision, always aware of the interworking of every project, and it’s a wonder that she ever sleeps. She may not project her voice at the same volume as that of many sales people, but that is her true strength. She listens—truly listens—and understands her clients. Mary Ann is devoted to ensuring excellence for her customers. If it’s a project for a Cardiologist, Mary Ann understands that the project requires heart.


Mary Beth Lockard, NCIDQ

Interior Designer

Mary Beth is an essential part of the design team here at AIREA. Whether she is utilizing her contract furniture expertise or the word-for-word lyrics to Rapper’s Delight, she is always enjoyable to be around. Her willingness to help out always comes with an upbeat and positive attitude; especially when she’s rapping. She is recognized for her passion to deliver client satisfaction as well as her determination to design in an efficient and creative way. We can always count on her to be a team player and appreciate her insistence that the fun never stops.


Pete Racisz

Director of Operations

Don’t let Pete’s intimidating stature fool you. He actually has a teddy bear soft side that puts you at ease when things get complex. He efficiently manages the service requests for Beaumont Hospital without a hitch. Pete is exceptional at multitasking, which makes him an amazing Director of Operations. He has a wealth of product knowledge that is beneficial to everyone around him. Pete is the commander of everything behind the scenes, keeping the Airea machine running at full speed.


Yulanda Trout

Office Manager

Yulanda is the heart of AIREA. For the last 10 years, she’s been responsible for everything in our office, from the technology we use to the coffee we drink. She’s fun and lively, always handing out a kind smile or a “job well done.” Her outstanding work ethic and positive attitude are never affected by the busyness of her day, and she always gives the AIREA team something to look forward to when we walk in the door.


Will Dyer

Director of Contract Flooring

For the past 20 years, Will has established himself as a reputable, dedicated, and knowledgeable flooring expert. His passion to this business is as great as his commitment to his family. Clients and manufacturers agree that Will’s vast knowledge of products, dedication to customer service, experience estimating, project management and on-site supervision of labor, provides a smooth process from the inception of a project to the final punch. His philosophy is to set the bar high and over-deliver to ensure customer satisfaction.